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Why Stay Banaras

"You have run enough, stay..."

The word STAY has been keenly chosen to represent the philosophy we believe in. We often confuse growth with constantly moving, while growth in true sense is a right balance of "Travel and Stay". When you travel, you discover the world outside, but when you stay, you discover the world within. Buddha had achieved enlightenment by staying under a tree and meditating. So we request you to breathe, relax, stay and be enlightened.

As human beings, we have always needed a sense of security and belongingness throughout our history as a social species. Thus Stay Banaras came into existence with the motive of instilling a homely feeling away from home, which is comfortable, luxurious and secure.

Guarded by two big yellow doors which signify warmth, simplicity and trust, the premises ensures your safety and security, providing you the safe distance you might need from the hustle and bustle of a never-ending spiritual amalgamation of faith and beliefs from all over the world.

With its roots in Buddhist philosophy, Stay Banaras strives to become a place for liberation and enlightenment, not just in the definitive term, but also in practice. The staff at STAY Banaras is committed to providing peace and calm – amidst, yet away – from the jostling rush of the city life.

Choose The Best

Choose The Best

One-of-a-kind boutique BNB

Located at the heart of the city

Premium customer satisfaction

Delicious breakfast

Old world charm, modern comfort

High speed WiFi

Original merchandise

Tour available

Cycle/scooter available